Coaching services

What does your dream version of you look like? What does your dream lover of you look like? Whats keeping you from achieving that?


There can be multiple blockages that prevent the ability to receive and give affection, blockages that prevent you from knowing or understanding yourself, blockages that occur as a result of others not knowing or understanding you. I want to listen to you, affirm you, and help you remove those blockages. Together we can help you achieve that dream version of yourself.


It's ok to have an unbiased person in your corner that supports your well being. Having healthier relationships with yourself and others, leveling up your communication, and experiencing pleasurable intimacy, in all its many forms, is achievable. I can help.

Individual Coaching

30min session: $40

50min session: $65

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Couples Coaching

50min session: $80


Group Coaching

30min Consultation: $100

*Group coaching sessions are priced per participant.

*telecommute sessions available

*sliding scale payment options available