I Have Job Security & I Hate It

As an entrepreneur, I am aware that it goes against my business model and my pockets to down talk my profession. Now, this is not what this is. I love my job. I love learning and using my creativity to deliver knowledge in fun and entertaining ways, but I long for the day when my services are no longer needed. Recently, I was on a podcast where I was given the question of what a sex-positive utopia looks like. It was hard to imagine as my favorite novels mirror the world we live in; chaos, the immediate fear of losing your life, being lied to by the government, and making the best with what they got. As I held that question, I started to play the sex-positive/sex-negative shuffle our society engages in:

  • Roe v Wade met with trap abortion laws.

  • Mandated comprehensive sexuality education with no enforcement.

  • People who do sex work making safe money on websites only for card processing regulations to change.

  • Sex educators getting public platforms to educate and being met with shadow banning, blocking, and the removal of platforms on social media.

It seems no matter how many steps forward we try to take to create a society in which all are respected and safe, we face society, and every single moment of its self-destruction triggers.

Due to those self-destruction implications, sex-positive enthusiasts like myself have to keep working. We have to keep using our platforms and keep creating new ones as they systemically shut down. I told the podcaster that I didn’t think we would see a sex-positive utopia anytime soon because I had no faith in those in power. Regardless, Sex Education is my passion. I know the value and liberation felt in embracing sexuality the resiliency of those that fight against the system ultimately creates the shifts in society.

My job is very secure, and while that is unfortunate, it is also full of possibilities. If a sex-positive utopia is a goal, then me, creating a tiny universe of sex-positivity, is the first step to its manifestation.

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