M.A.I Theraputic Services

Shanae Adams, BA, CIGT

Shanae is a currently a student in the Department of Counselor Education at Adams State University pursuing a graduate degree in Counseling with a specialty in clinical mental health counseling. Her expected graduation is May of 2020. Shanae utilizes humanistic approaches with her clients and believes that clients are the experts of their lives and can manifest the reality they desire. She is a Certified Integrative Gestalt Therapist and takes an integrative approach in helping clients achieve their goals. Her clinical background allows her to assist with a variety of mental health obstacles but she has a unique passion for working with clients with issues that surround sexuality, trauma, kink, and non traditional relationships. 

She is an intern at The Element of Discovery Therapist of Color Collaborative (TOCC) under. The TOCC was founded to serve individuals of color with therapeutic services that are culturally responsive, culturally sensitive, trauma-informed, and delivered with compassion to advance racial equity in the mental health setting. Read more about The Element of Discovery Therapist of Color Collaborative here. 

M.A.I stands for Manifest, Affirm and Intention. I believe you to be the expert on your life and thus have the power to mainifest the reality you desire. It is my goal to affirm you in your experience and support you on your theraputic journey. Therapy is an intentional opportunity to work on goals, develop skills, discover more about youself, and thrive in the world around you.


I am drawn to humanistic modalities that center on the you and your experience. As a Certified Integrative Gestalt Therapist I take an integrative approach and tie in the mind and the body as we work together to achieve your goals. I look forward to being an unbiased support for you and joining you on your journey to becoming. 

I opperate on a sliding scale to make services accessible to the community.