Shanae Adams is a Sexuality Professional from Denver CO. While pursuing her Bachelors of Science degree at the University of Missouri she served as a Sexual Health Advocate Peer Educator on her university's campus. It is here that she discovered a passion for sexuality education and an adept ability to present these topics with a unique flair and an engaging personality. Since that group Shanae has served in the field of sexuality as an educator, advocate, fetish/kink practitioner and therapist. Her passion is removing the stigma and taboo surrounding enjoying and discussing sex and sexuality. In this work she is able to manifest the destiny she strives to create for herself: to see those around her thrive and become the humans and sexual beings that they wish to be. She provides education on her YouTube channel Honest Sex with HonesltyNae, facilitates workshops at schools, university, community centers, conferences and private events. Shanae is a highly sought out presenter as she is extremely personable and entertaining during her programs. Participants compliment her on her relaxed delivery style and the safe and comfortable atmospher she creates with each workshop. 

Shanae is a currently a student in the Department of Counselor Education at Adams State University pursuing a graduate degree in Counseling with a specialty in clinical mental health counseling. Her expected graduation is May of 2020.