Youth Workshops

Youth Workshops range from 45 to 90 minutes and start at $500.00. All workshops are comprehensive, evidence-based, age-appropriate, and can be modified to accommodate varying learning styles and mental abilities. Workshop series are available to build on previous topics and provide a full overview of sexuality. Topics include but are not limited to:

  •      Anatomy

  •      Healthy Relationships

  •      Gender and Identity

  •      Sex and Social Media

  •      Reproductive Justice

  •      Parent/Child Communication

  •      Sexually Transmitted Infections

  •      Contraception



Adult workshops can be delivered in a variety of settings from corporate offices, community centers, private homes, and everything in-between. Adult workshops typically range between 1 and 3 hours and start at $500.00. These workshops can be modified for events to provide a unique experience for your guests. Topics include but are not limited to:

  •       Vulva Praise and Appreciation

  •       Oral Technique Training

  •       Toy/Pleasure Parties

  •       Reclaiming Sexuality

  •       Gender and Identity

  •       Reproductive Justice

  •       Fetish and Kink

  •       Kink in Color/Femme/Queer

Signature WOrkshops

Kink In.....

The kink in series explores kink given a variety of identities. Kink in Color, Kink in Femme, and Kink in Queer explore the intersectionality of the many faces of kink.

Pleasure In Mind, Body, and Spirit

Pleasure capacity is the understanding and relationship that one has to pleasure. It is a combination of what you know, what you feel, and what you desire. In this workshop participants can expect to increase their pleasure capacity by understanding their narrative, localizing their pleasure within the body, and creating a plan that supports and affirms their pleasure journey. 

All In My Pants

Identity, attraction, gender and sexual orientation fit together like the perfect pair of pants. Their relationship to each other also resides in the pants.


Online Workshops

Interested in learning from me with convenience and in the privacy of your own home? Check out my collection of online workshops. New workshops are added all the time, so check back often.


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